Amarnath yatra packages: 6 things to do in Amarnath

By | February 2, 2021

Amarnath yatra is one of the most devout and spiritual trips which is organized every year by the government of Jammu & Kashmir. It is a well-organized event and is handled by top officials. So, you have nothing to fear or be skeptical about. Besides, there are noted tour agents these days offering customized amarnath yatra packages to help pilgrims make a hassle-free trip.

During your trip and stay, you can do many things which involve different genres. Here is a quick list:

i. Visiting the ultimate home of Lord Shiva: Pilgrims and die-hard worshippers of Lord Shiva cannot ask for a place better than the Amarnath to reach out to him. This place is located in the remote hills at a height of over 4,000 feet. Its seclusion adds to its mystique and makes it a very soulful place which is smeared with divine presence. Cynics will harbor their doubts and atheists will continue to protest, but for a true pilgrim, there is no closer experience with God than offered at Amarnath.

ii. Enjoy a helicopter ride: Tourists and pilgrims are usually taken to Amarnath yatra by helicopter. It is a convenient source of transport for accessing the great heights of the Himalayas. But more than convenience, what it offers is a thrilling experience of a lifetime. Most Indians do not get the chance to fly in a helicopter in other parts of the country. So, an Amarnath yatra gives you that perfect rush of adrenaline and an unforgettable experience.

iii. Trekking: There are good trekking sites in this part of the hills. And to reach the caves, you will need to walk a lot. There are different trekking groups which you can join and walk your way to the gateway of divinity. Trekking facility is also offered at other nearby towns. Therefore, you must not forget to carry your trekking gears, like your sports shoes, rope, torch, etc.

iv. Play golf: You cannot expect a golf course at the temple of Amarnath. The cave is pretty dark, crowded and sedate. But you can always enjoy a game of golf at the nearby locales. At Pahalgam, you can dig into this beautiful game. The Pahalgam Club boasts of a serene and green course which has 9 holes.

v. Fishing: At the nearby Lidder River, you can also go fishing. It is scenic and tranquil, and makes for a wonderful hangout locale. Tourists also dig into angling and boating. However, fishing season is held only during the months between April and September. So, if you are planning an Amarnath trip during October or November, then you may not be able to enjoy this activity. Also, you will require official permission before you start fishing.

vi. Boating: Boating can be done at many places, but the best place is definitely the Dal Lake in Srinagar. Many Amarnath yatra packages include the city in the itinerary. If you wish to sightsee a bit, then you can also ask for quick trips to Pahalgam, Sonamarg and Gulmarg.

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