Kitchen Transformations Start with Hiring the Right Designer

By | January 2, 2021

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. It’s where kids go to find snacks. People start their days there to eat breakfast and Moms and Dads prepare dinner there at the end of the day. The kitchen means something different to everyone as it’s also often used as a gathering place. Some people would like to update their kitchens to make them more beautiful, in addition to making them functional. There are kitchen designers in the San Francisco, California area that can help people modernize their kitchens. Wherever one lives, a new, modern kitchen can provide many benefits, including a boost to the home’s resale value.

The first place to start with the designer is with the flooring. Designers can introduce homeowners to a variety of flooring options including laminate, ceramic tile and hardwood flooring. Kitchens with hardwood flooring exude the luxurious feel that many people are after, and can be a good choice paired with various area rugs and mats to cushion places where people may stand for long periods of time.

Next the designer will provide advice on countertops and this is a part of the kitchen design where many people have fixed ideas. Especially when selling a home, one of the amenities that buyers like to see is granite countertops in the kitchen. These countertops are becoming more mainstream and people usually expect them as a sign of a quality kitchen. Granite is more durable, easier to clean, doesn’t react as much to temperature change and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Kitchen designers can advise on the cost to install these countertops and what colors might best match the kitchen’s décor.

Cabinets are one of the signature points in a kitchen, and the choices here range between the types of wood that the cabinets are made from, and if the homeowner would like solid wood cabinet doors or glass front doors. Cherry cabinets are popular, as are maple cabinets. Designers will pull the entire look together with cabinets, countertops and the colors for the walls and ceiling, along with the flooring type to create a beautiful and useful new space in keeping with current design trends.

Sinks and appliances round out the major design decisions. Double sinks are highly functional, but some people like larger single sinks or beautiful cast iron, ceramic, seamless or vessel sinks. All of these sink types require different cleaning and care. Homeowners should research this before having the sinks installed. Appliances are similar in this regard. Like with sinks, the requirements for care and cleaning, along with budgetary concerns, will help determine which appliances are selected. Some people like the statement that stainless steel appliances make in the kitchen. Today there are many ‘smart’ appliances that make use of technology. For example, some modern refrigerators revolutionize storage by offering innovative usage of door and drawer space. Other appliances that are computerized can let their owners know when they are malfunctioning

Kitchen designers can prove their worth to homeowners as they take people step by step through the kitchen renovation planning process. From floor to ceiling, a good designer can ensure that the money spent on a new kitchen delivers the most function and value. While people can design and install their own kitchens, designers have the greatest knowledge of flooring, countertop, cabinet, sink and appliance styles and manufacturers to provide homeowners with the best new kitchen solutions.